England Alone

O England alone
It is my Lovely home
It is nothing but true
Suns never set on you

And every smile is bright
On our beacon of light
England will always be
The home of the bright

For the angles will sing,
“God save our Queen! ”
For she is gracious,
Happy and Glorious!

O England be,
What Lads agree
Is true
And Lovely too!

Demons can never mester
The streets of Manchester,
No beasts shall ever rule,
Solid stones of Liverpool

The Island is tidy,
Our lion is MIGHTY!
Our anthem is lovely,
And our queen is steady!

The Prince is adored,
May the throne be restored!
May England be,
The home for me!

by Ianaldo Prescott Pourchot

Comments (2)

I am amazed by the creativity and novel sound of your writing.
Young and talented...keep writing. You have an eloquent way of words. Nicely written.