England W.W. Ii

Poem By Paul F. Ernst

A pilot in the Eagle flight
Was trained and ready for a fight
A scheduled sun up raid drew nigh
He paced then looked up at the sky
And nervously smoked a cig'rette
He certainly appeared upset
I checked his eyes and jumpy ways
Then spoke in a quiet simple phrase
You seem a bit unnerved, that true?
He stared at me, the smoke, he threw
While saying what's not always bared
"Its mission one! Nerves hell! I'm scared!"

Comments about England W.W. Ii

Great poem. I like the sentiment. I tell my students that World War II was the necessary war that the Allied forces had to fight, but that by this time, unlike during the beginning of World War, I there was no more foolish espousing of 'Dulce et decorum est propatria mori'.

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