English As The National Language?

Belligerent interviewer on NPR
talking to a rep from Hispanic culture
about 'English As the National Language',

quoting George Will: 'But the national
conversation is in English! '
Well, maybe for George Will
it is— but how many
languages does he think in?

With every question, the Hispanic
interviewee is on the defensive,
has to be so deferential and articulate,

but finally, he gets his point (politely) in:
'This is the only country
where some consider
knowing one language, superior
to knowing two or three! ' Pow,

and what if America gave tax credits
or student loan breaks for learning
new languages—for learning,
doing, being anything new,

what would that do
to the cobwebs of calcified
society and thought?

by Max Reif

Comments (4)

Qued and it's a questionable? Well done Max.
Hurray for common sense! ! ! Love, Gina.
well i think every poet should learn at least a few languages to give his feeling and poetry more scope to grow.
Good question, Max. Great line form the interviewee too.