English Garden.

My love for an English garden,

It knows no bounds.

I will never have to ask for pardon,

As I stroll these lovely grounds.

Many are the shrubs, bushes and flowers,

They fill my heart with joy.

Here I have spent many happy hours,

For most of the flowers are shy and very coy.

Hollyhocks abound in every colour and hue,

Great delight I find in every nook and cranny.

A few of the flowers are for me new.

Most of the names I was taught by my dear Granny.

I have wandered around gardens of all kinds,

In most parts of this wonderful Earth.

There is something in a garden that my soul binds,

Nature shares with me every new birth.

But in an English garden such as Kew.

Gardeners put on a wonderful show.

That refreshes me through and through,

As I am sure it will you if you take the trouble to go.

by Bernard Shaw

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