Enhance Me

Enhance me,
With understanding.
Let 'that' which I know,
Lift me up above restricting shadows.
There to entrap my contentment!
So that I may remain attached to resentment.

And I must not stop,
My growth to contemplate doubt!
I want 'that' out of my mind.
I have come to single it out...
Too much of 'that' has been experienced!
With those indifferent,
And still tossing about!
In anguish.

I wish to dismiss this and let it drift away!
Enhance me...
To allow acts of comprehension,
Give no immediate attention...
To the intentions I make clear,
And desire to be understood!
Enhance my steps with a calmness of breath.
Enhance me...
Like I can be!
And should.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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