(August 26,1974 / New York City, NY)

Seeds Of Love

Our lives have many twists and turns
And troubles are seldom few
There are things in life for which we yearn
But never will come true
If we take some time to search our minds
For the very truth we need
The fruits of life are there to find
If we only sow the seed

Implant the seeds for all your dreams
And feed them with some thought
No matter how the present seems
The future can't be bought
You need to feel that there's a way
To grow in life, through care
Warm the seeds with love each day
And feel good to be there

And when those shoots begin to show
Don't let them wilt and die
If it takes a tear to help them grow
Go on, and have a cry
No matter if the growth seems slow
Love's warmth should stem the tears
The prize in life you'll never know
If you don't work hard for years

It's not that hard, it just takes two
The elements can be sought
They're locked inside that seed in you
The seed that can't be bought
So give the seed a little shove
To grow within your heart
The reward will be a lasting love
That nothing ever parts.

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