The earth shakes.
The weather changes,
To bring heartache.
The seasons are overlapping,
And no one can explain.
Accept to say...
A global warming is being displayed.
No comrephension comes of it.
A mystery that is hidden...
Complex and void of understanding.
Comes without invitation and sits.
An enigma to confuse and sustain.
To maintain and delude!
Diluting a mindset conscious.
Afflicting a fear into the mix.
And pulling away from a normalcy,
Once fit to strut...
In denouncements of nonconformists,
Who utter objections to a way of life.
In an enigma they are!
Between an ascent that descends upon them...
A turning point that spins away from 'reason'!
For purposes to clear,
And begin anew.
Whether or not,
Agendas scheduled to address it are made.
This enigma values not the thoughts of man.
Or desires to control on demand.
This is an evolution that visits.
To transfix what was...
With all elements perceived,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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