AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)


to inspiration that lies within all ofus

Mysterious strands of energy
Fascinate my inner soul
Bequeathed with unlimited zeal
Courage instilled within to bear

Selfishness exudes shame at a point
No further can worthiness exalt one
Circumstances compelling exaggerate the need
For one to look inside, their conscience

Linking surreality of depth with happenings
With divinity and grace benign
Of individual goal setters who excel
Self realisation and understanding
Need to be owned in essence

Generating a hope for unimaginable platforms
Of thinking exquisitely on higher levels
Unequatable to the power of divinity

Amazing the onlooker of the hour
To deduce his inferences and appeal
For all that humankind oft reels under

By aryaindia

Author's comments:
When inspiration is there within us, a little self analysis is required to keep us going, tapping out our own potential and inner worth. Nothing is impossible. We have to rise like the phoenix from any situation to follow our hearts and souls.

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a good read..thanks Arya...10
such a beautiful poem shared with great insight! ! ! well done...........