When A Mother Is An Offender

When a mother is an offender
November 4,2018

Politicians never taught us to give up selfish nature!
Never taught to be with weaker beasts as kinder and fair! !

Those who are not humans are neglected by us!
Why not value them of having life in different figures?

We are superiors as, we are sunk in the false doctrine!
Temptations for sex, forbidden foods, paper monies, sin! !

I will teach her the real love to respect beings around her!
Never a poppy dog for her by separating from its mother! !

I will bring her to the plant of flowers, not flowers to her:
I will not cut the flower from own mother for her pleasure! !

To be or not to be good depends on the precious mother!
It is important to protect a woman who is a mother in her! !

Men need to work hard not to anger the mother nature!
Superior becomes inferior when a mother is an offender! !

by Chan Mongol

Comments (5)

This poem as if it was meant for me...I have been going though confusion lately and even with choices its not getting better..It feels Im really in a big hole and Im not able to get out...Somehow the hope seems so far...but reading your poem tells me not to give up...I will find my way....
Dang choices. We have so many to make. But hey! they all have a good outcome depending on how we play and work them. Good Poem Hugs Jan
Ah! That pesky choice thing. Well put Sandra. Rusty
yes! ! ! ! ! and even thats a choice that has to be made lol! ! ! ! but inevitably right? ! ! !
yes! ! ! ! ! and even thats a choice that has to be made lol! ! ! ! but inevitably right? ! ! !