Enjoy It

Everyday we are graced,
with other words and thoughts.
Some make a lot sense,
while other make not a lot.

Everyday our lives are touched by mornings.
Sometimes the sun will shine,
another day and the rain will come,
to our daily lives, it does not matter which one.

Therefore, if you look out your window,
and see a wonderful day.
Just think how lucky you are,
and enjoy it by just being alive.

by David Harris

Comments (3)

A simply divine and optimistic poem....Thoughts to remember when things are kind of upside down.........love, marci.xox
Yes enjoy your life, you don`t get to make this journey twice...10
I was just about to write a poem call today on a similar note......now I'llhave to change my train of thought so I don't sound too much like yours.....: O) I like your positive David....it helps: O)