Enjoy Your Holidays

I pray you stay safe.
And not get too close,
To those chestnuts hot and steaming...
As they lay roasting,
On an open fire!

While nearby from you aching feet,
Wet socks removed from your exposed toes...
And the snifles of your nipping nose,
By Jack Frost...
Can be in your mind set aside.
If just for a temporary release of thankfulness...
This season of joy and merriment.

Although in your heart...
You would rather not be experiencing,
Your current hunger and homelessness.

And those yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
Heard through windows of a church...
As members celebrate the festivities,
From across the street.
Helps you envision,
At least one sugar plum thrown by someone...
Who unselfishly decides you are deserving of a treat.
Be with you forever remembered.

Enjoy your holidays!

Hopefully soon.
And within a year from now...
Your life by then,
Will have invited more of a happiness you wish.
And these days treasured to value by some,
As their best...
Will from you leave,
Feeling 'still' you've been blessed.
And much more enlightened by your sacrifice.

To those who may feel they have been forgotten.
But those who are aware of you,
In their hearts and minds...
You are in view!
All the time.
And in prayers of those you may never see or know.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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