Enjoying Equality

Shaking my mind, watching thoughts flutter from the tree of
intellect growing within.

Optimately seeing a brightness and clarity of goodness being
generated throughout life, spreading it across the entire
earth, increasing happiness and pleasure in tableaus of love
and desire.

Playfully enjoying the equality partitioned into every phase
of thinking and thought processes, enough to go around,
allowing it to combine with imaginative poetry being composed
right along with classical music.

Giving away all emotion and feelings of a lifetime, disguised
in measures of every sonata and symphony flowing from this
heart, soul and mind.

Every moment while listening and writing into special times
is allowing entrance into my being alone to create whatever
is pleasing to this brain.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (2)

Great! True reflection of the thoughts of the poets and writers. Thanks for sharing.
Enjoying the solitude is the way of life at certain part of our life cycle...Nice to read RoseAnn