Enjoying The Freedom To Breathe

The Ten Commandments were not created,
To have subdivisions of laws initiated...
For the purposes to make those 'Commandments'
More obeyed.

There are Ten commandments and that should be it.
But those creating laws to choose to create their own,
To make those laws more legit.
And who has not broken 'any' of them?

Soon there will be a tax on relaxation.
You know...
The act of it!
Choosing to take a walk alone through the park.
Enjoying the freedom to breathe the remnants of fresh air...
Will someday be reason to become taxed.
Someone is going to initiate 'that' as a money maker!

And in the beginning...
Closer to it than we are now.
There were just '10' of those commandments to obey.
There is a Supreme Justice Department.
Justices of the Peace.
Attorney Generals.
Local Police.
Ministers and Priests.
None of which,
Are able to stop, control or re-invent...
The marketing of decadence, deceit and flat out lies!

Do not talk to me about your Christian values.
Or your Muslim ideologies.
And WHY is the Vatican in Rome.
And WHY is there only one Mary sitting at the Last Supper.
Where are all the women, huh?
Where are 'those' standards in effect and practiced?
And you tell ME to keep it real?

I don't have a dollar for your cup of coffee!
And that's well over two dollars now.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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