Enjoying The Solitude

There is so much more to life,
Than the gathering of stones to throw
Or marathon talks about blues and strife.
Do people like that...
Ever step out of their 'box' and grow?
That's just a thought I'm composing,
Not a sleep aid to see you dozing!

When I walk alone on busy streets,
I observe others qualify some
When their eyes come to meet!
Secrets that are kept
Are not as discreet as many believe.
When lives become routine...
And conversations overheard,
Are those of defeat.

I watch pigeons fly nearby.
Workers from skyscapers...
Grabbing lunch and back inside buildings
They hide.
I observe students laughing in cliques with glee,
Reminding me once how I felt that free!
And all that I desire from all that is viewed...
Is just one to understand what this man goes through.

It's not that I haven't had that in my life.
I've had wonderful friends and two ex-wives.
I've had failures and successes...
And paid my dues many times it seems.
But it is days like this I reminisce those I miss,
And wish to be held and sincerely kissed!

There is so much more to life...
Much more than quick fixes!
Or being pulled down to the ground,
By those playing games and dirty tricks.
Why folks don't get tired of that...
Sometimes makes me sick!
'eeeewww...(sic) ick! '
So I spend my time to find a twig in the park.
Enjoying the solitude as I pick the twig of its bark!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Solitude and calm is splendid and well worth enjoying......................Diane
Isn't it fun to walk through a crowd and observe... I think I would love to be just contemplating in solitude though above all else... Alison