A Melody Of Childhood

A melody I shall impart,
Which dwells within this lonely heart.
And continually courses through my brain,
In brightest sunshine, or in rain.

This melody of by gone times,
Of different people, things, and climes.
Of better days, and better nights,
And lazy afternoon respites.

A melody of lazy summer days,
Catching blue gills in early may.
Skimming stones across the lake,
Holding little ribbon snakes.

A melody of childhood skies,
Sweet cream sodas and pecan pies.
Running like an Indian through the trees,
Stealing honey from the honey bees.

The melody is long since spent,
And this old body is worn and bent.
But the melody plays within my soul,
And I would'nt trade it, even for gold.

6/12/10 29 palms ca.

by Juan Olivarez

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