Enlighten That Darkness

Enlighten that darkness.
Do whatever it takes,
To escape away from it.

Anyone anticipating,
And awaits for another...
To express their concern.
With an appearance shown to make known,
Their concern.
Needs more than one lesson,
To learn about life.

Anyone feeling they should be asked,
To validate their concern.
By making that task a scheduled appearance.
Has already made known,
What it is on their mind kept prioritized.
And low on that list,
Should not require guessing...
By the one in disbelief,
They may not even be on it.
Concern to express,
Is shown to make known.
With it personally addressed.

Too many get caught up in expectations.
And what others ought to do.
Instead of disbelieving what it is they choose.
Even when this is repeatedly obvious.
Although the obvious to some done stuns.
As if they refuse to accept,
The Sun in the morning rises.
And on some nights,
They might see a full bright Moon.

"Where have you been?
And why has this become issue.
That has kept you upset.
Believe it.
Accept it as a part of life.
Spending more time on the bright side of it.
Will leave you less to question,
What life is not while in the dark.
You will see it for what it is.
Trust me.
It won't be difficult to get over it."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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