What is this strange vibration
That permeates the air?
It crept upon us silently
And settled everywhere;
Beneath the shades of darkness
On velvet paws it came
And spread itself all over
This sense without a name;
Like magic, out of nowhere
In beautiful array
The fields had blossomed purple
With the wakening of day;
Such regal, vibrant flowers
Appeared as if on cue
And flowed across the meadows
With the early morning dew:

What is this strange vibration
That sets the clouds aflame
With flashing bolts of lightning -
This force without a name?
That makes the heavens rumble
And crash electric blue
Then like a mighty cauldron
Spill the contents of its brew
Raging down the mountains
Over forests and the plains,
Flooding out the lowlands
With unchecked, torrential rains;
Then like a whirling dervish
Spinning wildly o'er the seas
The wind blows howling inland
Ripping branches off the trees;

What is this strange vibration
That crawls beneath the skin
And causes man to wonder
Does it come from out or in?
You can't escape the feeling
That just beyond your reach
There is an understanding
With an urgency to teach -
The earth is now evolving
Full of energy and love,
In her right hand flashes lightning,
In her left hand sleeps the dove,
The decision lies before us,
The reckoning is here -
We'll survive by our awakening
Or perish by our fear.

by Linda Ori

Comments (8)

Good write. I especially like the last two lines.
Awakening - seems to be the key to this wonderful poem Linda. I'm awed again, but shouldn't be as you keep producing exceedingly high quality work in a multitude of forms. You've grabbed your idea (which came from within you it's worth bearing in mind) - lightly, so as not damage it - and shaped it so delicately into a very subtle vision we should all consider carefully! ! jim
LInda, Some very fortunate people have a 'rhyme' gene tucked away among their little grey cells. Others have a 'scan' gene available at will. You are one of those blessed souls, who have both. And you employ them here magnificently with colour and passion to describe the indescribable and make it recognizable. A wonderful poem. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxx
You maintain a subtle balance between trimeter and tetrameter, always in step to tell a present day struggle, see-sawing between what is acceptable and what is discarded as mythical, during your ongoing discovery. Perfectly set up in this outmoded construction of poetry, relying on the rhyming form, to somehow drive the point home; to me that is ingenious-yet to most of those concerned, will certainly go unnoticed, for they don't recognise rhyme as legitimate anymore.
Stunning piece Linda, to combine these images and keep in the rhyme, a task well fulfilled and appreciated. Danny
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