Poem By Varsha Madhulika

Silence is meditation
'Yenn tevai' I do not understand
With so many persona on
I fail to distinguish
Real and artificial.
I wish to make it workout
But fail evertime I put effort
I know not where
I'm forcing myself on thee
Or the same feel dwell there
Weaving ever sweet moment
Only to discover you were among rest
And I was chasing illusion all the ways.
Clapping is with two hands always
I really don't know my place
But still hope to conclave thee
Stamping it with your appeliation.

Written on 9 September 2020.

Comments about Enlightenment

A well inked expression. Truly insightful.....10+++
Really nice poem about " Life" .
A joy to read such poems, You rarely find such soothing poems You make life a poem and you have a grace which becomes poem Thanks for sharing this Poem.1000+
Nice poem on essense of healthy life.10++
Its beautiful. Great poem. Full of emotion.

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