Enough Ku

You offer me naught
but everything that you are -
Can that be enough?

Am I the answer
to all that you are asking -
Can I be enough?

There are no answers
We must find them together -
One step at a time.

by Linda Ori

Comments (5)

Linda, That is one interesting question!
Superb writing LInda. You have captured the essence of the old Haiku tone (and of course the structure) and yet have added an emotional immediacy and intimacy which is very very moving. I really like this. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
So many questions......no answers.....but an adorable little poem, Linda. Love, Fran xx
linda...i really enjoyed this haiku...made so much sense...love...nalini
MIDNIGHT EXPRESS ON 'KU...HOW DO YOU DO.....IT! ? A 3 Stanza Haik! This could easily be a pristinely structured 3 stanza piece of freestyle Poetry...And no one would know the difference9ALMOST NO ONE) SO, WITH AN AIR OF ENIGMATIC CLEVERITY, YOU HAVE ONCE MORE IMPRESSED THIS FACINATED MIND, THAT CONTINUES TO AWE AT YOUR DIVERSE ART-FORM'''''''''''''''''frank/fjr