Enough Of The Questions

Am I understanding this correctly?
Trillions of dollars are being borrowed...
And/or created,
To keep the feeding of those greedy?
And this will promote a healthy economy?

So once this hole is filled,
The same folks are going to ensure it doesn't happen again?

My mama was an expert at using that very same approach.
She would open up a can of beans...
Serve it to us and say,
'The steak and mash potatos will be coming soon.
Eat this while you wait.
And don't worry about not having enough.
I've got more from where that came from! '

~What about the steak, ma? ~

'It's coming!
I didn't say what day.
But when it comes...
You will know about it!
Enough of the questions.
Eat! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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