Enough To Have Had It

If the volume of it gets obnoxious.
And the sound of it,
Increases with a disrespect.
To expect it accepted.
Voicing to direct it purposely.
Just to annoy and upset.
One who chooses to sit through this,
Without moving away from around it.
Either condones one's disregard of patience shown.
Or believed to be known,
As someone to put up with another's ignorance.
Or have it perceived,
They have no other choice or option.
Only fools will take one's patience to give...
As a reason to treat them as if an idiot.
Until one shows to make another ungrateful,
Where the curb is.
And their thoughtlessness to leave.
In their mind with time to find,
Only fools will take for granted...
What someone gives to think,
At any time gives reason to display disrespect.
Neglect or indifference.
And some folks never grow up to realize,
What is given one shall receive.
To make it known,
Enough to have had it.
Is enough not to want more.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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