Tease those with the least...
That a college degree is needed.
Feed them greed to tax!
Sit back and watch them display dysfunctions.
And keep them addicted to that.

Make that part of a lifestyle to achieve.
With the spreading of misfit behavior...
And solicit to award as if the worst of it,
Are indeed opportunities!

Bombard everyone with a variety that is not needed.
And manufacture this with hype that is marketed...
With a sugarcoating to leave those who gloat,
In ecstasy!
Enraptured are they in states of mind.
These folks could be easily sold degradation,
Anywhere and at anytime!

It's quite elementary.
A successful feeding of eventual defeat.
And without the gloss of irradicable attachments.
You know the kind that is quickly dismissed...
As posing havoc against the status quo!
Although provides a slower,
More acceptable affect.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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