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Enriched With Thoughts
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Enriched With Thoughts

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Butt strutters...
Pushing up to the curb,
With babies in tow!
And giving up nothing,
But bad parenting skills...
For those on the weekend
Crack Head Tour.
Implanted to enhance sightseeing.
Insuring methods of suppression,
Are in full force!
Before endorsing campaigns,
To secure more 'nonprofit' funding...
Dropped into the pockets,
Of their daughters and sons!
As jobs...
Benefitting recycled poor mentalities!
To administer the continuance,
Of the blight sighted and the needs surveyed!
Someone has to make sure,
Employment is created!
Implementing the 'boosting' of good deeds,
Done for those impoverished and feeding on 'dreams'.
Mandating 'hope' as just a dope 'hit' away!
And sustained by those of goodwill!
Pimp sensations never overkill,
A diverse and growing economy of riches.
For those enriched with thoughts of maintaining greed!
And a subservience that services self destruction!
These fruits seem to be everlasting.
And there free to squeeze and juice.

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