Not too long ago
I had a dear friend
But now because of her lover
Our decade long relationship is at an end

We used to be like siblings
I was always by your side
We even had our own little world
And because of you it nearly died

But I won't let you kill them
All the little ones we made
I will scrub you from their memories
And soon the pain will fade

No more will I open up
To anyone at all
You said you'd always be there
Then you just let me fall

Down into the madness
That I once knew as home
And while I played pretend
It's strength has only grown

Now as I rise up once more
From it's bloody, abysmal depths
The me you called brother is gone
Down there he took his last breath

I no longer will make friends
Or try to hide who I am
For why should I care about anyone else
When now know my relationships were only a sham

So now I will stand here
Surround by the ones you left behind
We don't need you anymore
Never again will we need your kind

I stand here now no longer afraid
For your betrayal has set me free
With the death of my last friendship
Rose from the ashes ENSanity

by Vasto Grom

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