Oh when I think of my long-suffering race,
For weary centuries despised, oppressed,
Enslaved and lynched, denied a human place
In the great life line of the Christian West;

by Claude McKay Click to read full poem

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When you have carried the chains and bonds of Slavery maybe one can be so naive and stupid to talk of blame - this was the reality of the lives of black people and to dismiss it as merely perfunctory tells me stance on Equality and whether black lives are as valuable as yours -
such a shame to carry such hatred, to blame everyone for the acts of some, such a pity.
I read the biography on McKay's page and it was exceedingly interesting. I admire his writing skills but I cannot admire hatred as a response to hatred, violence as a response to violence, inhumanity as a response to inhumanity.. Humanity cannot be improved by generations copying the evils of the preceding generations. Now I will be disliked for speaking my heart as he spoke his.
The sufferings of the race of the poet for number of generations and it's oppression has given an acrimonious tone to the most touching and sentimental poem. Thanks for sharing.10 +++
Whoa! This is a very strong statement, wishing the white man's world to be consumed utterly. I guess a history of injustice can do that to a person.
Inspired by this poem I read 'Flame-Heart' by the same poet, now in my favourite poems list.
My long-suffering race! Nice work.
Very inspirational words. The longing comes through in lines like 'my race that has no home on earth' - it is a king of longing that not many of us can really understand. But in this poem, the feeling becomes understood.
We often hang our heads when things make us sad to painful to speak of. The voice in this poem speaks of a time when slavery happen to America. Happen to the African me. LHPS of Pittsburgh