Earth's Rhythm

In a city far away;
On the hilly slopes that dwarf a city’s charm;
On the dry banks of a silent lake;
In the turbid torrents of a mighty river’s wake;
In the uncertainty of night’s command;
At the peak of day’s taunt and heat’s heavy hand;
A tale of two hearts is born
A rhythm of two souls awakens to an early dawn
Their love quietens the hassle of city life;
Their bond forces the lofty mountains to their knees
Their passion feeds our rivers with blue water
Their grace prettifies the sky and mends the broken weather
O they could change the colour of life itself if they were deity!
Alas! They can try but for a season and for a moment rule all there is

For a time only I saw the city freeze;
Not a whimper nor in my brow did I feel the faintest breeze;
The stirring waters settle peacefully their worries and toil;
They calm their woes that once gloried in defiant turmoil
Ah! But time only sees these two hearts to fantasy’s ledge
Wherefore they dreamed to continue their journey until fantasy’s finality is found
Now, they bow to dust and remain hereunder until the good Lord calls them yonder to heaven’s bliss and Jesus’ kiss
The city sets itself in motion once more;
Our river churns with the exuberance of youth she once possessed and even more so!
Sun and moon play sentry – a timeless duty upon them ordained by God Himself
You see, earth’s rhythm deigns to look on as we begin life’s journey against time’s condemnation
When we stumble and fall and on the ground remain
Earth receives us and dispatches our souls to eternity’s reign
The powerful, timeless rhythm of earth shall continue and we shall die resignedly
For our misfortune is fortune’s cog in earth’s ceaseless rhythm

by Rafael Yaw Kumi

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