RL ( / Horsham)

Enter The Devil's Playground

Ample in overpowering stress
Feel the need to take it aside
Hesitant to show the desire to impress
Demands to be blissful with pride
Inhale a drag or ten
Spins in circles round and round
Enter the land of sinful pretend
Bound up high and surrender to the ground
Arise with a confused face
Looks about the unfamiliar surroundings
How did one get here, to this atrocious place?
Stands up with skin scratched and bruised
The stress trails its way back
It overcomes your mind, sad but true
Body beleives it must resist but then
It takes in one drag, two drags, three drags, ten.

by Rachael LoudFingers

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reat poem that brings readers attention to a dangerous habit