Entertained By A Nakedness

What does the future hold,
For those already entertained...
By a nakedness,
That has dismissed imagination!
And whose standards are left to be kept,
If a nakedness not too long ago,
Had been rejected.
But today everyone accepts!
The ones with kept pretentions,
Many are finding more reasons to reject...
As all the nakedness around them,
Becomes more appealing to closely inspect.

'Excuse me.
I would like two butts and four thighs, please.'

Would you like that delivered,
Where it is convenient for your privacy.~

'Oh heavens no.
I have brought with me too many guests.'

~Do you have a race preference? ~

'Not necessarily.
But surprises do excite, you know?
If you mix it up a bit,
You might get a big tip.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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