Entertainment Escapes Made Accessible And Free

Accepting challenges around the clock nonstop...
Defantisizes life for some.
And crystallizes a maturity.
This is not often seen...
Where folks are committed to irresponsibility.
Where folks schedule their activities...
Between being uninvolved and making party scenes.

Entertainment escapes made accessible and free...
Are generally observed,
Where people are not concern.
And quickly display disrespect for themselves.
As they show a lack of discipline.
And an absence of identity.

Those like this often call for unity.
And pray to have their communities monitored...
As they beg for more police.
To keep them protected from themselves,
As they spread more of their mental disease.
And this is done by urbanites,
At a price that is paid by everyone!

Although no one acknowledges a consciousness claimed...
To be seriously considered or concrete of beliefs.
Not when so many have exited from accountability.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I like it, nice poem lawrence