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Enthroning Tyranny Within The Recollected State Of Self Denial
EA (1992 / Harlingen)

Enthroning Tyranny Within The Recollected State Of Self Denial

Unprotected virus,
Colors my mood a depressing shade of yellow,
As if to mock my malnourished desires,
He skins the remnants of this idiocy from my aching bones,
Yet feeds traces of detachment to my scornful eyes
Enveloping what i could have been,
But was not meant to be

Ingesting clouds of a sickening nature
Now tear away at my strengths and weaknesses in their winter state,
I am but a vessel aware of everything which is feeding and eating at my roots,
And yet my ignorant self manifestations render me useless,
It is a relentless attack of denial,
Unidentified by the fast, unthinking culture of existence,
And I have suffered her tormenting rays,
They crucified my legacy on crosses of scrutiny,
Inverting the irrevocable light which is the agonizing abyss

Now the ravens of night listen with color blind eyes,
Yearning to feed, chasing a scent of lament and guilt
Because their gluttonous wings fail them,
And the pitiful audience refuses the hand of power

Sacrifice your morality to the gods of enlightenment,
Show yourself in all your horrific beauty,
For it is a gorgeous revival
That of the ego,
The loss of your attracted borders and restraints,
And the death of the recollections perpetrated by self denial...

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Great poem, really like it. A great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Another Soldier Dies.