Your interests in the best,
Of my interest to confess...
Seems more to your advantage.
Than mine to reflect.
And a wish for me to believe,
You come from a place of sincerity.
And not yet another test,
Of my ability to be gullible.
Or naive to leave you pleased.

Your interests in the best of my interest,
I could accept.
If your footsteps were placed,
To the right or left of my selected path.
With a getting of my respect expressed.
But what you've suggested to better,
Than that for me I know is best...
Has left me more enthused not less.
With you revealed for me to see,
You would rather have me follow.
Than successfully lead.
Ensuring my limits were approved to permit.
But me?
I remain enthused by your confusion.
You have left me feeling more blessed,
Than I could have imagine to expect.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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