Entire World, Be Awakened!

Poem By Winston Harding

Why is the world silent about Syria?
Are we going into a New Age of Slaughtering?
Are we suppose to stay still?
Should we not be our brothers and sisters' keeper?

Should peace not be the answer to hope?
Should faith not be instrument of tolerance and justice?
Should care and respect not be the vehicle of love?
Should love not be from the settled spirit?
Then who is in love dare neglect kindness?

Lift up your voices oh people of faith;
Arise and call upon your leaders;
Tell them that you are watching their actions
Tell them the time for silence is gone.

May you become responsibile in your action
You are responsible to do something bigger
Than yourself today. Speak love; show it!
Peace and love to you all!

Comments about Entire World, Be Awakened!

I like the way you think and your passion for love and peace....but the problem in today's world is the decline in spirituality and the fact that materialism and money are the Gods. Until this value set can be shifted I see little hope for the true God lovers.

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