Entitled To Do This

To deny that their greed,
Has depleted all quality of life.
Is to admit that those homeless and starving...
Enforced by a few,
Feeling entitled to do this...
Had been acceptable and alright!

They've been clearly on a mission,
To diminish with racism and division.
And these acts have been barbaric.
Yet they have by them been cherished.

The plug has been pulled,
On once closed eyes now wide open.
They never conceived, perceived or believed,
They would someday become victims.
Or cloaked in their own deceit,
And left defeated and broken.

And even in the moments,
Nearing towards their end...
They still choose to point fingers,
At those long ostracized...
From a way of life,
They themselves have brought to an end.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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