Entitled To Thieve

The approach to it has been,
And still is
Extremely basic.

If that which has existed,
Has done so as consciously implemented.
By those who now oppose the results of it.
Who has a right to criticize anyone,
For an irresponsibility.
Seen to be observed as collectively done,
By everyone who has allowed its presence.

Who has had the authority,
To shift with a blaming
Of an accountability?

I know your fingers are not pointed at me!

Who has been on hiatus?
To have left the candy store unattended?
I am not trusted to even be a customer.
Let alone
To be one endeared with a key.

Don't look at me.
That assignment has been given to others,
Most of my life.
With a success that has left them motionless.

Perhaps that attraction to my activities,
Has been the basis
Of those insecure.
With a leaving to others
Feeling entitled to thieve.

The very same ones,
The ones they have protected,
Have been the deceivers and thieves
Bleeding them of their own 'borrowed' resources.

The only threat I've posed to you,
Has been my skin color.
I have never had ideals to corrupt.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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