See, the amazing moments are going
Slowly, delightfully and with some friendly verses,
And with some silent words gleaming
By the glint of quiet winter days,
Maybe it's tilted a little by the mob of my city street.
Yet..., I can feel yet, can feel the entrancing
Essence of a silent remote countryside of a winter day
While I am standing still
Right here just being an observer,
An observer of these bleary lives;
I want to spend times with my poetic pen
Leaving such a distractful day.
You know, why I don't want to lose that anymore?
To hold my poetic days deeply
As I have told you before
That I can't repress my silent voice.
Flavours of the huge grassy field there
Waiting for to give me a favour so that I could spread
Widely my leaves to exsult my beloved's face.


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