Entrenched In Denial

More interesting these days,
Are those who have chosen...
To stay with fading beliefs,
That needed changes overdue to be made...
Will come to take place,
With a doing of outdated and repeated denials.
Denials entrenched to have been fictioned,
In their kept stubbornness and unfaced facts.

More interesting these days,
Are those who have chosen...
Deception over truth reduced to soothe lost minds.
Even if the truth is produced with evidence,
Many are still convinced hoping they will find...
What is presented is intended to offend.
And not to awaken them,
To a light that shines meant for them to follow.
With a leaving behind their addictions to sorrows.

So many today have been entrenched in denial,
That truth and reality to them to present...
Represents an ending to their delusions fed.
And defending against a reality to resent,
Will, if prolonged to ignore, will for them, eventually...
Return those times they relive to reminisce,
To not notice how long from them they have gone.
And with such an obviousness madness,
Many today are more willing to accept...
As a passing phase to their reflected craze,
Solicited and cheered on without a consciousness.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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