Disaster In New Orleans

More domain, a gready ocean has chosen to claim;
Or perhaps, nature is to blame
For making an infamous Venice of New Orleans
By Katrina, an inglorious means.
Felled by an untamed gale, like a tree,
The city has been brought on her knee.
Will there be joy in the morning,
After this inundation and night of mourning?
As survival summons to the streets, base natures,
Crucibled, hidden erstwhile by civility's vestures,
Where is the ark of this deluge,
Where the innocent may find refuge?
Folks reckon the historic statistics
Of countrymen who have crossed the styx.

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Comments (2)

Thanks for this one, there is too much war sadness! !
such soft smooth words almost peaceful until the final words crash with utter brutality into the mind time for tears a strong work