NJC (18/2/71 / Jaipur, india)


My entropy
Does set me free
My restless soul
In winds control

I am unbound
Travelling on sound
Can't capture me
You will be trounced

A piece of coal
When struck
Into a zillion
Embers sprawled

When form
is gone
Light will remain
Back to the ether
There's no more

by Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi

Comments (2)

entropy the restless soul, I wrote a darker entropy once long ago, I will share it with you below, an echo from another life, another time long past, the keys to past memories, bonfires of emotions consumed in gypsy journeys The Mind Killer My mind is closing in sanctuary is receding this time this place is merciless mind bender. Walls are closing in collapsing all around caving in dangerously oppressively. Entropy is filling all the empty spaces. Blowing out candle enshrining mind. Copyright © Terence George Craddock Written in May 1988 on the 9.5.88.
My restless soul. Nice work.