JSK ( / Lorain, Ohio)


Pain is such a transient state, that it barely
causes me pause, but to kiss its royal cheek.

At once I realize my plight, and forget its
insistent hassle as I become one with the all.

Darkness as thick as a cave at night,
I reach out, and find oblivion lurking about.

Madness encroaches like a leech, sucking
my life's forces from my soul in indecision.

Left, or right it doesn't matter because I am
lost. Lost, and never to be found wanting.

Who Cares, is my name for the next eternity,
and I Don't is my lovely new bride.

The quiet stillness of the never ending void,
nothing, and nowhere do I stand, alone...

by J. Stephen Keller

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J. Keller, These are deep thought written verses. I feel what your words are expressing.