The rains of this November followed
The uncertainty of this October and
Began with the blue lights in September
Revolving in my car's rear window.

December bodes chaotic
Desperation, fear, confusion
Entropic disorder reigns and
Leaves me like a cornered rat
With less and less time for
Well thought out decisions...

Don't they study rats
After certain sharp incisions?
I know they ground up their brains
To research the 'wondrous' Prozac...

Where am I left as my
Mistakes become exponential?

God, will you show me a way?
Don't you have the credentials?

by Jeffrey Philip Clegg

Comments (3)

the opening stanza of this is phenomenal btw... not that the rest isn't - you know what i mean...
um Jeff, I thought Kat was a putz.
Jeffrey, what a great poem!