Entrusted With A Faith

Unfortunately those convinced to believe,
I operated from a shallow ego to leave...
Wherever and whenever I chose to display it,
Have allowed themselves to express a willingness...
To expose to me a foolish unconsciousness,
I 'had' refuse to perceive but now confess...
If it was from an ego I ever wished to address,
I would not have approached them with steps...
To delay my own success,
Which today leaves me totally focused.

And with an ability I have shown to let go,
Of those seeking just to get attention...
At social events with a passing of their judgements,
On others as if they should critique while exhibiting...
A display of mediocrity, self righteousness and indignities.
And an addiction to conceit.
I can be direct but never could I be self obsessed.
Blessed I am and grateful to express this,
With no regrets to depress my devotion and commitment.
I've been entrusted with a faith to never let it be undermined.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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