Envelop Yourself

Break free you must!
And shatter the shell of enclosure.
An investment of breath is wasted.
This life you'd like to keep...
Stale as the crumbs of it nibbled.
Heaps upon you complaints attracted.
You from them can not detach!
A match is found in a comfortness.
And that comfort has lead,
To your welcomed stress.
That has distanced a desired happiness.
Perceptions you have that it will come if you wait...
Like a patience adopted for something disliked,
But tolerated...
And perhaps even hate!
What else have you convinced yourself...
And determined about your fate?
That something special will come to you?
Because you sacrifice your life like you do?
Get real and envelop yourself,
With a selection of developed escapades!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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