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Poem By Randy McClave

I was so jealous of him when we first met
When I first saw him all I saw was a threat
Everything I wanted he had already owned
Sadly I wished, him I could have dethroned.

When I was growing up I had no toys at all
I had a stick and a rock he had a bat and baseball
In school I wore torn jeans and a tattered coat
At me he just smiled, as though trying to gloat.

Everywhere he went he always went in style
And everywhere I traveled I had to walk each mile
Every woman he met she wanted him to be hers
She wanted to be pampered, and covered with jewels and furs.

He gave wonderful parties from what I have been told
His glasses were made out of crystal, trimmed with gold
Served was the best food and also the very best wine
While he sipped on his brandy, I drank moonshine.

Since I was young I woke up early as I had to work
I heard he always slept past noon and always woke with a smirk
I worked very hard daily as I had bills to pay
He never had to work, but instead he went out to play.

He always had friends wherever that he went
They all knew him by his clothes and his fancy scent
Everyone that met him they all wanted to be his friend
But was that their reality, or did they just pretend.

He lived in the finest mansion on top of the finest hill
And through my binoculars I can see it still
Now as I look at his house I see none of his friends inside
Sadly they must have heard that this morning he had died.

Randy L. McClave

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