SN (13th October 1980 / lagos, nigeria)

Envious Banality

Coded banality regards tomorrow
With crimson sockets
Beauty shops are empty
But local loos are full

Shapely bosoms have
Forgotten how to dance
Coquetry ranks high
Among the daughters of men

Sorcery is rife with
Using the Spirit to squelch
The one you are
Most envious of

Stalking with hate
Detecting simplest faults
With string criticisms and
Overt diatribes unjustified

You are sad
Competition takes a pass on you
You did not start late
But you have not moved fast

Not fast enough to outwit
That perceived rival
That lucky Joseph
That rich neighbour

Baseness is lifted
In your heart
You like it in others
Others see it in you

Banality is overt
In the rat race of the slums
Where you live doing
What you do.

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