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Environment Friendly Poem

Here comes Mighty Hero, proponent
of Industralization, enemy of green.
Delicate petals of flowers shake
standing within grass like beauty queens.
If you hate grass, veil of queen,
then why you attack standing behind veil.
Numerous beauty queens trampled then
why you use any queen as sheild.

Don't ever mistake hardy cactus for
delicate petals, in deserts it can survive
If you want to see mercy of the Mightiest
see Oasis, in extremes it thrives.
Here comes mighty hero and his cheap
remarks, clap, clap..and be 'gay'.
Unlike hypocrites, I love environment,
I love greenery, truth openly I say.

Let the dead leaves on numerous graves
your mighty hero's bravery speak.
Knowingly, unknowinly each bows
before God, see hero's shadow oblique.
Clap and whistle when brave hero burns
jungle green and its neighborhood.
Pollutions and smokes are sure to
enter your houses then will it be good?

Don't pollute skies wide enough to fly
kites of all possible colours and hues.
Dare not destroy environment, never
cut green trees and berry laden yews.
Hypocrites! close your eyes, in seclusion
press bravery button with a glee.
Large mirror of conscience will appear
and a man very ugly, naked you'll see.

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Comments (1)

I too love greenery! It takes years for a tree to grow, but it takes perhaps less than an hour to cut down even a mighty tree! In the name of development and industrialization, if we destroy greenery, generations will have to suffer. Great message and a beautiful poem!