D (16.03.89 / Doncaster, England)

Envy, Tribunal And Discharge

“Be gone! ” He roared, as we, abhorred,
Were cast from Hell, on a bitter spell.
“I will not share my kingdom’s ware
With creatures of such evil features! ”

This voice was that of wicked chat,
Devil, man, angel’s clan,
From whence he flew, because too few
Would help him see his plans decree.

Ejected swift, and now we drift,
Made all plain to be the bane
Of Satan’s house from bird to mouse,
He would not need such sinful seed.

Bested fast, so then he cast,
Into the skies with damning eyes,
Humankind, nude and blind,
To ruin quick, our would fault-thick.


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Daegal. I like this.