Poem Hunter
(12 September 1948 – 20 April 1973 / Sydney / Australia)


Canopy of nerve ends
marvellous tent
airship skying in crowds and blankets
pillowslip of serialised flesh
it wraps us rather neatly in our senses
but will not insulate against externals
does nothing to protect
merely notifies the brain
of conversation with a stimulus
I like to touch your skin
to feel your body against mine
two islets in atoll of each other
spending all night in new discovery
of what the winds of passion have washed up
and what a jaded tide will find for us
to play with when this game begins to pall

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Epiderm surface around you touch with sensational stimulus, and you did explain it well as if it surface touch your feeling inside...i think it's a good combination of science and poetry...a good one_Unwritten Soul