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Epilogue~ Butterfly’s Melancholy

On the other shore of sadness
It is said that there is a light and a smile
I take a boat
I cross the rift to the other side
Hoping for happiness will come forth.

But, I’ve realized
When I arrived there
Happiness isn’t the one that waiting there

Something, I predict it’s beautiful
But it turn dark and gloom

Some decision made up my mind
I just couldn’t find
What really called by fine

Even now, I’ve lost both wings and liberty
In loneliness, I still want to be
Someone that useful for the tone I love
Though I wasn’t sure
Cause there’s no guarantee
The one I stare to stare at me
But I believe ‘till the end of the season
I can move forward with a smile

Though someone I love will hate me
Still I’m powerless to live in hatred

Back then I wonder
Where’s happiness? Why it isn’t there?
Could it be, pain is just like a stream?
And I’m the boat who strive through it?

Maybe, it’s a melancholy of me
Even only with the pale moon light
I rely on,
I still try to move on
‘till one day, I believe
the stream will gone and dry
And I’ll keep move on forward




by valeriana runa

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