A Void Of Qualm

The pavement echoed as I took each step,
my feet sounding so loud along the street.
No other human graced the concrete slabs,
no other human being did I meet.

Evening darkness circled all around,
with swirls of mist that gave an eerie calm.
As if the earth had stopped ticking its time,
and one was held within a void of qualm.

How haunting was this moment to my mind,
when any confidence seemed to have fled,
And only now in this grey place one felt,
a sanctuary left solely for the dead.

Two worlds that meet in one abandoned place,
each one not knowing that the other’s there.
A ghostly, empty, abandoned, barren site,
where thoughts take flight and start to taunt and scare.

So why is it when morning lifts the scene,
and many people walk the thoroughfare,
That all weird thoughts have vanished, wiped away,
total disbelief hanging in the air.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

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Master poet Mr. Arnold - absolutely mesmerizing, inspiring, beautiful.
Such a brilliant write by Matthew Arnold👍👍👍
Cries my friend! ! ! Thanks for sharing.
The obvious difference between art and literature is that art is received information, and literature is perceived information, this means that art directly delivers one idea to an audience, while writing can be depicted by an audience in a variety of ways, art is mostly what we perceive with our five senses. But with literature, one has to acknowledge imagination........very well crafted and profound, thoughtful and intellectual........thanks for sharing