Almighty God...

Almighty God, show me the cross,
Your only Son had carried then,
For sins of mine, though He was boss,
And taking sinners to heaven.

Almighty God, give me faith strong,
That stays steadfast, in storms of life,
And hope that sings a plaintive song,
Undeterred by all kinds of strife.

Almighty God, let me so pray
That temptations cannot bait me,
Whether by night or be it day;
Give me thine grace of piety.

Almighty God, protect my soul
From all assault by devils' clan,
And let me do a divine role,
And be your instrumental man.

Almighty God, let me perform
In every way, you want and wish,
And glorify this human form,
Without being a bit, selfish.

Almighty God, I long to see
My creator whose love formed me,
And made heaven's eternity
As after-life, for loving Thee.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Master poet Mr. Arnold - absolutely mesmerizing, inspiring, beautiful.
Such a brilliant write by Matthew Arnold👍👍👍
Cries my friend! ! ! Thanks for sharing.
The obvious difference between art and literature is that art is received information, and literature is perceived information, this means that art directly delivers one idea to an audience, while writing can be depicted by an audience in a variety of ways, art is mostly what we perceive with our five senses. But with literature, one has to acknowledge imagination........very well crafted and profound, thoughtful and intellectual........thanks for sharing