Head bowed in prayer,
she begged for salvation

'Save me from me
i keep breaking a good thing
home brewing my misery'

She prayed and prayed,
but never to any avail

'Please give me hope
a sign to understand
why i do the things i know i shan't'

Soon the truth is revealed,
only she can save herself

' My life is mine to live
no one can do this for me
only i can right my wrongs'

Eyes opened to the truth,
she stretched to pick up the shreds

'I'm the one to fix this
this is my time on earth
its so small to be wasted wallowing in this'

Skimming through her life,
she looked for things she could repent

' I caused a wave of destruction
and i'm sorry i hurt all of you
but now i'm changing and its for you'

Ruins of her life loosely together,
she began to reconstruct

'One by one
everything's coming together
as i try to revive my soul'

Glue oozing from the cracks,
a smile visits her face

'Not perfect, not by any means
but better than before
and time will heal all'

with the passing of time, her soars healed,
an a careful collage emerged

'I put the pieces back
the cracks have faded
everything's how its supposed to be'

other injures came, of course,
but she picked up the pieces before her world could fall again

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You r a great writer. This poem really is touching
Inspiring and very touching. Good read. Thank you for sharing.